Colour Treasures

Rich with charisma and bold in its volumes, the Colour Treasures necklace celebrates life with a joyful symphony of amethysts, tourmalines, emeralds , spinels and diamonds.
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Prominently celebrating colours, shapes and craftsmanship, the Colour Treasures necklace unveils the essence of Bulgari’s audacious style. As the gems can be the most exquisite inspiration for a jewelled masterpiece , they become the colourful heart of this vibrant creation. Merging together an exhuberant design with the joyful shades of Italy, the necklace reveals an exquisite treasure of of liveliness.
High Jewellery necklace in rose gold with 6 cabochon pink tourmalines (142.32 ct), 5 cabochon amethysts (101.37 ct), emerald beads (24.39 ct), tourmaline beads, spinels and round and pavé diamonds.
The very word “Italy” immediately conjures beautiful images, spurring imaginations with the colour, the intensity, the very charisma of this magical country. With magnificent sights, cacophonous sounds, and colourful glamour – to live like an Italian is to live with an inextinguishable passion. Extravaganza creations epitomise this way of life, as Bulgari’s flair for extravagance, its joy of audaciousness, its penchant for colour are all symptoms of a fervent passion for living. Juxtaposing colours, preciousness, and volumes in the name of Italian love of the aesthetic, Extravaganza creations are born of Bulgari’s Roman soul, enriched with the sparkle of its homeland’s creativity, and coloured with its love for living.
The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.

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