Fiore di BVLGARI

Blooming with the vivacity of multicoloured petals, the Fiore di BVLGARI earrings sparkles with the joyful shades of spinels, emeralds and diamonds, reflecting the beauty of nature.
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Sparkling with colourful petals the Fiore di BVLGARI necklace celebrates the joy of nature with the purity of gemstones. With nuanced interpretations and stunning colour combinations, Bulgari renders every jewelled flower unique, as these nature’s gifts are always one-of-a-kind. Conveying the joyful feeling kept in every flower, the necklace is a bouquet of vivid yet delicate design.
High Jewellery earrings in rose gold with 14 spinels (24.87 ct ), 8 emeralds (5.65 ct), 8 round, brilliant cut (2.85 ct) and round, brilliant cut diamonds and pave set diamonds (0.66 ct).
Sparkling with colourful gem petals, Fiore Allegro conveys the lush joy inherent in the best of nature. Through the history of mankind, flowers have symbolised emotion, celebration and love. Capturing this floral feeling in its Fiore Allegro creations, Bulgari renders every flower unique within nuanced interpretations and stunning gemstone combinations. Defining the very idea of a jewel that is alive, verdant gardens, wildflower fields and delicate spring bud gems whisper to every one of the five senses in Fiore Allegro, creating jewelled pieces that are al fragrant in their beautiful.
The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.

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