Fiore di BVLGARI

With its blue-hued flower and a tanzanite dangling like a petal blowing in the wind, the Fiore di BVLGARI necklace is a masterwork of craftsmanship and the most delicate combination of sapphires, turquoises, diamonds and moonstones.
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Delicate in its brilliant design, the Fiore di BVLGARI necklace is rich with nostalgic, floral inspiration. In a tribute to the wildflowers of childhood, romantic and sentimental, this creation conveys carefree and pure emotions. Celebrating the bounty of Nature and the most naïve feelings, the Fiore ingenuo necklace assembles the preciousness of gemstone petals into a bouquet of magnificent design.
High Jewellery necklace in white gold and turquoise elements with 1 round brilliant cut diamond (0.90 ct), tanzanite (9.39 ct), moonstones (10.56 ct), sapphires, round brilliant cut diamonds and pavé diamonds.
Romantic in its sentimentality, Fiore Ingenuo conveys the nostalgia of a childhood flower, while displaying the incredible ability of Bulgari to garner emotion from a jewel. Delicate in its nostalgic naiveté, Fiore Ingenuo recalls a simpler time, when flowers were a drawing, when sunshine meant freedom, when a field of wildflowers implied a bouquet to be made. Extraordinary in its artisanal craftsmanship, its creations combine jewel juxtapositions and al impossible metalworking movements into masterful renditions of the flower of youth.
The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.

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