Swaying with the movement of precious shapes refined with diamonds and ruby drops, the DIVAS' DREAM bracelet preens with the vanity of supreme beauty.
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The arches of the DIVAS' DREAM Gioco e Vanità bracelet echo the patterned Roman mosaics of the Baths of Diocletian, where the motif of the peacock reigns sovereign as the symbol of vanity and supreme beauty. Preening with sophistication, this creation reveals precious colour combinations like the fanned tail of the regal animal.
High Jewellery bracelet in white gold with 7 pear and round cut rubies (8.51 ct), 22 round brilliant cut diamonds and pave' diamonds (18.01 ct).
Playing a game with vanity, the voluptuously feminine curves of Gioco E Vanità creations are aptly named. Splashing with gemstone colour as they embrace a pavé diamond elegance, these bewitching jewels reveal a self-care secret that only Bulgari can keep. Proudly symbolised by the peacock, Gioco E Vanità preens with the vanity of supreme beauty, while being shaped of the feminine motif for rebirth. The imperial mosaics of the imperial Baths of Diocletian are recalled in the patterns of Gioco E Vanità, as the bath-time ceremony is a focus of their clean-lined design. In moments of rejuvenation, self-cleansing has always been an important beauty ritual, from ancient public baths to today’s private boudoirs. Gioco E Vanità resounds with this Roman history, as it is refined with the beauty of Italy.
The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.

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