Incontro d'Amore

Incontro d'Amore

Incontro d’Amore - Jewellery

Every romance begins with that first look, the first exchange. The Incontro d’Amore Collection, Italian for ‘an encounter with love’, captures that first moment in an eternal memory, to be worn around the finger.

1. BVLGARI Gift Box Service is only applicable to partial products of Jewelries, Leathers, Accessories and Watches, not applicable to 1) Perfumes, 2) Jewelries, Leathers, and Accessories with non-standard size, and 3) other products with customized package.Please note that although you have completed the order process, considering the nature of the product (such as easy to fold) or the size of the product (such as larger than the size of the gift box) or other special reason, there may be situations where the actual gift box is not applicable, please understand. Bulgari customer service center or online customer service will inform you as soon as possible.

2. BVLGARI Gift Box Service will provide daily themed gift box (such as theme of Birthday, Love, etc.), and provide season (or holiday) themed gift box according to different season (holiday) with limited quantities.

3. BVLGARI Gift Box Service will provide sample pictures for your reference and selection convenience. Please take the actual gift box as the real effect.

4. Please feel free to call BVLGARI Customer Centre 400-000-6699 or contact online Customer Service for any doubt.

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