With the iconic design shaped in its ut lightness and sophistication, the DIVAS' DREAM earrings match diamonds with sapphires to celebrate the purity in feminine beauty.
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Quintessentially feminine and refined, the DIVAS' DREAM Bellezza earrings are sculpted capturing the colours of the Caracalla Baths marble and the sensual curves of its fan-shaped mosaics. As the purest form of beauty, this creation takes its inspiration from the beautification rituals of the Roman Empire, when the sophisticated women made from baths practice a fashionable social trend.
High Jewellery earrings in white gold with 2 round brilliant cut diamonds (0.46 ct), 68 buff top cut sapphires (3.29 ct) and pavé diamonds (2.98 ct).
Born of the beautification rituals of ancient Rome, the Terme di Caracalla were the city’s second largest baths, built in 217 A.D. Intricately tiled and architecturally magnificent, the marble baths were a beautiful meeting point for Roman citizens to purify mind and soul – the first “spa” in human history. Divas’ Dream Bellezza is a tribute to this ancient practice, heralding the vanity routine that guards a woman’s beauty. Self-care has always been an important ritual for feminine health and refinement, with its delicacy expressed in the details. Divas’ Dream Bellezza creations splash with the purity of this inspiration, capturing the colours of Caracalla marble and the graceful curves of its ancient mosaics.
The Bulgari jewels, expression of Italian design and fine craftsmanship, are made in Italy.

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